This Is Why More Video Games Should Do Co-Op Like 'Far Cry 5'

I’m not a huge fan of the trend toward more and more co-op video games. The industry has an obsession with this idea that we’ll always want to play everything with friends. The reality is, many of us don’t want that or can’t make that work with our busy work and family lives.

This is one reason I tend to play games like Destiny solo except for when I’m playing PvP or need to play a Strike. It’s one reason why I rarely play much in the Call of Duty zombies mode, or why even though I really like a game like Vermintide 2, I think I’d like it so much more if I could just play it by myself.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Halo 5, The Division and a whole laundry list of other titles were built with co-op in mind. You’re not required to play co-op all the time in all of these. You can, at least, play with AI in Wildlands or Halo 5, but then you’re saddled with AI companions that you may or may not want around. In the case of the former I don’t mind so much. In the case of Halo 5, well, the less we say about that the better.

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