The Best Game on the PS Vita Is a PC Port

Though Sony pretty much gave up on the PS Vita, there are some developers out there who refuse to quit and are pumping out some pretty sweet titles.

Sony may have given up on the PS Vita — its follow up to the popular PlayStation Portable (PSP) – but that hasn’t stopped a cottage industry of developers from shipping their wares for the handheld. From stealth titles like Volume, to visual novels such as Steins;Gate, smaller games that wouldn’t have had much of a chance on the bigger and more dominant platforms have thrived on the PS Vita.

Which is why it’s odd that the greatest game on the console is a PC port. VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action released on Windows PC and macOS via Steam in 2016. It’s now available on the PS Store for PS Vita. The handheld is home to many a visual novel thanks to a form factor that fits well in your hands and the bright screen lends itself well for reading large amounts of text. You also get a myriad of control options ranging from buttons, a touchpad, and the touchscreen itself. It’s why VA-11 HALL-A making it to the portable console is a logical move.

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