Steam Link app hopes to blow your mind with mobile game streaming

Mobile game streaming is making huge strides and starting in May, Steam intends to realease two apps designed to stream games and videos from your library to your iOS and Android devices.

After a long lull, this is turning out to be a big year for cloud gaming. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is still in beta but going strong, and now Valve is extending Steam’s in-home game-streaming capability to iOS and Android devices that connect to the same network as the host system.

The Steam Link app, which Valve plans to launch the week of May 21, will bring the ability to sling your game library to an Android phone, tablet or TV or an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, as long as you’ve got a Steam host system connected to the same network as your device. Like many cloud solutions, Steam requires a 5GHz or Ethernet connection between the host and the router, as well as between the host (which can be Mac or PC) and the device.

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