God of War Review

It takes a brave developer to entirely change the formula of a long-running, highly successful series. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rings true for many franchises. To change the fundamentals of a series risks upsetting a fanbase that may have been around for, at times, decades. For Sony Santa Monica to change the very fabric of God of War is a phenomenal gamble – but one that, for the most part, pays off.

God of War is superb, offering a stunningly detailed and lush world built with a level of detail that makes it wondrous to explore. It also has room to breath, allowing Kratos and Atreus’ roller-coaster relationship to build into something that can almost rival The Last of Us’ Ellie and Joel. While a lot has changed for God of War, it still holds one of the most satisfying and entertaining combat systems in gaming.

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