Far Cry 5 lets the imagination run wild against enemies and the elements

There’s a heavily armoured and armed convoy of trucks slowly making its way through rural Montana, and I have to stop it.

There are various ways I could try to accomplish my mission, from the methodical to the chaotic, and everything in-between. I opt for the theatrical.

It just so happens that I recently unlocked a perk that allows me to use a wingsuit when falling from great heights, and a little earlier I found a helicopter conveniently parked up outside an abandoned farmhouse.

Since I’m expecting heavy resistance, I decide to call in one of the specialist companions who can be unlocked as you explore Far Cry 5’s story and landscape. She’s a good shot with a hunting bow, which is sure to come in handy – even if our expected prey will be human.

So, off we go, my companion in the back seat, as I pilot the chopper high above the lush landscape. A few kilometres later and I see the convoy driving along a dirt road. I do what any 1980s film star would and jump out of the helicopter with two high-calibre weapons, a variety of explosives and throwing knives strapped to my back.

Flying around with the wingsuit is a lot of fun, but I don’t have too much time to appreciate the landscape before it’s time to deploy my parachute for a dramatic, barely survivable landing, right in front of the oblivious convoy.

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