Far Cry 5: Can Boomer the Dog, Cheeseburger the bear, or Peaches the cougar die?

Far Cry 5 may be a game of many parts, but its animal companions are undeniably one of the best. Unlockable from almost the very start of the game, Boomer the dog, Cheeseburger the diabetic bear, and Peaches the cougar/mountain lion/puma/big cat/what have you are all both incredibly useful in battle, and fantastic companions who’ll stick by your side no matter the fight.

However, that same unflinching loyalty can sometimes be a bad thing. Though Boomer, Peaches and Cheeseburger are never afraid to jump into the action and take an enemy down for you – or see off another angry cougar (either the animal, or the middle aged woman) – they also don’t seem to worry all that much about putting themselves in danger for you. And as we all know, running into a firefight is dangerous enough for a human – yet alone when you’re trying to run up, grab the enemy’s gun in your mouth, and then leg it back to your master, with bullets whizzing all around.

While Boomer is a pretty resilient little pup, he’s not completely indestructible. Nor are Peaches or Cheeseburger, although the amount of damage they can take varies wildly from beast to beast. If your animal pal gets shot, ends up being attacked by a wild animal, or gets run over by your car (it can happen), they will take damage. If they follow you through a field of explosions and flames, they can even catch fire (luckily, someone’s taught them to stop, drop and roll). If they take too much damage, the poor little chaps will collapse on the ground with a whimper, and lie there panting heavily, with a countdown timer above their head.

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