Far Cry 5 - 5 Ways Guns for Hire Change the Far Cry Experience - E3 2017

Your buddies in Far Cry 5’s scenic Hope County, Montana, are unique characters with whom you’ll forge alliances over the course of the game, and once they join you, they each bring something unique to the table. Having them around adds new dimensions of strategy and possibility to Far Cry 5’s anarchic, creative approach to gunplay, destruction, and exploration. Here are a few things to consider going in:

Boomer, the “Fangs for Hire” of the E3 demo, is a cute dog that everyone loves. This means that they won’t really take notice or attack if they see Boomer, and you can command him to slip into areas with heavy enemy activity, nose around, and tag enemies so that they’re easier for you to spot. You can also command him to retrieve guns from dead enemies, which comes in handy if you’re low on ammo and pinned down by enemy fire.

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