Far Cry 2 details vs Far Cry 5

How FC2 holds up 10 years later. FC5 has its own attention to details that FC2 doesn’t have, this comparison doesn’t mean FC5 has nothing to show. Both games run under a different version of the Dunia engine (Ubisoft-modified CryEngine).

Gamers are getting screwed. FC5 isn’t just inferior to its 10 YEAR OLD predecessor, it costs $100 when you include the DLC. Practically a third of the content is locked behind a $40 pay wall! FC5 clearly sucks. Half of the weapons and armor in AC Origins can only be bought with CASH. Ubi is fucking us hard, and you’re a sucker if you disagree.


And the first time my character had died, and I assumed it was a game over, only to be revived by an NPC character, or follower, just absolutely BLEW me away! The animations that played out, how they tossed you over their backs and carried you out of area to a safe spot to make sure you were okay, was just incredible. Not to mention that there was just never any mention of it before hand, just made it that much more special.

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