Fans Have Mixed Feelings About ‘Far Cry 5’

At the center of the “Far Cry 5” storyline is a Montana-based cult called Eden’s Gate. In addition, the game boasts some impressive graphics, as well interesting, amusing and disturbing characters.

Of course, the most disturbing character in the game is Joseph Seed, the cult’s founder and leader. Seed displays an intense and nearly-hypnotic gaze, and his yellow-tinted glasses really amp up the creep factor.

From the beginning, the player can go anywhere in the expansive Montana wilderness. There are day and night cycles and dream-like fantastical sequences as well. Fans know the “Far Cry” franchise for its dreamy ambiance, and in “Far Cry 5,” the cult’s drug of choice, bliss, brings on the hallucinatory sequences.

The general plot of the game is both creative and interesting: sent in as part of a team of U.S. marshals to apprehend Father Seed, the player becomes part of a resistance to overthrow the cult.

Without a doubt, the opening sequences are the high points of the game. In fact, the beginning narrative introduces a great villain, focuses on the timeless premise to save the specific part of America from a cult bent on destruction and contains the kind of seat-of-your-pants action that players expect from a good video game.

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