A journey into an American abyss: Far Cry 5

Postcard-perfect scenery with lots of explosions: that might be the best way to describe the Far Cry series from Ubisoft. Previous editions have been set in the jungles of Central Africa, in the Himalayas and on Caribbean Islands.

The latest version of the first-person shooter, Far Cry 5, takes place in the US state of Montana. The setting is a beautiful, but dangerous wilderness full of voracious predators and gun-toting cult members.

The game’s protagonist is a US Marshal whose goal is to arrest Joseph Eden, the charismatic leader of an apocalyptic cult. The arrest attempt goes badly awry and the player soon finds himself stranded in enemy territory without reinforcements or contact with the outside world.

Far Cry 5 is quite topical with themes such as blind fanaticism, gun lovers and the chasm between the US coasts and its hinterland, but in the end political issues are really only background noise in a game that largely follows the format set by its predecessors.

The essence of the game is, like its predecessors, an open world where the first-person player has to shoot, drive, fly, climb and sneak around while liberating villages and gathering new weapons.

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